Chama's carries the best all natural dog food brands:

None of our food or treats contain ingredients from China.  Remember, with our free Curbside Express service, we will bring dog food out to your car and you don't even have to park.  We stock:

Artemis, Acana, Blue Buffalo, Darford, DNA, Evangers, Fromm, Grandma Lucy's, Great Life, Honest Kitchen, K9 Natural, Lotus, Merrick, Mulligan Stew, NRG, NutriSource, NW Naturals, Natural Planet Organics, Orijen, OC Raw, PetKind, Pure Vita, Primal, Pureformance, Small Batch, Stella & Chewy's, Tripett, Tiki Dog, Taste of the Wild, ZiwiPeak.

Conflicting claims of superiority among food makers and the mountain of opinions, often unsubstantiated, on the web can be confusing and intimidating.

You can be assured that any formula chosen from our selection will provide your dog with a nutritious healthy diet. Each formula has specific attributes but all will contribute to the overall health of your dog. We also stock a variety of supplements to fine-tune individual diets.

Veterinarians say that up to 40%, or more, of the problems canine patients experience are food quality or food allergy related. Finding the right food for your dog may take awhile but when you find the ideal match, you will likely see a marked improvement in his/her over-all health, energy and attitude. It is surprising how many ways the wrong diet can manifest itself at the expense of your dog’s happiness.

We stock foods that represent different manufacturing processes and philosophies. We are always evaluating foods so check with us for current selection.

Food types include

  • Kibble/canned food with many organic and beneficial ingredients
  • Dehydrated raw food – Honest Kitchen, ZiwiPeak
  • Raw meat in kibble form – Canine Caviar
  • Freeze-dried bio-coated kibble – Nature’s Variety Instinct
  • Limited ingredient/allergy food – Wellness Simple Solutions, Canine Caviar, Instinct, Natural Balance, California Natural, Pure Vita
  • Grain-free – Orijen, Acana, ZiwiPeak, Taste of the Wild, Canine Caviar, Wellness Core, Natural Balance, Honest Kitchen, Instinct, PetKind, Earthborn Primitive, EVO
  • Holistic – Pure Vita, Artemis, Canine Caviar, Eagle Pack, Earthborn Holistic, Innova
  • Organic – Natural Balance, Natural Planet Organics, Karma
  • Vegetarian - Natural Balance, Honest Kitchen, Canine Caviar
  • Tripe – Tripett (food additive)

Dietary Considerations

The rotation diet in which food variety becomes part of your dog’s routine is gaining popularity. The notion of feeding one diet for life, or for long periods, has been largely discredited. Food makers’ state that their food is complete and balanced. While that may be true for a particular recipe, no one formula can meet all the requirements of an individual dog’s system over time. Dietary variety helps prevent food sensitivities and allergies by reducing protein source overexposure. A mixed diet will result in a healthier animal better equipped to resist ailments, disease and, to some extent, fleas. We can help you with techniques to make transitioning a smoother process.

Another consideration is the blending of canned food with kibble. Many dog lovers view canned (wet) food as inferior to dry but the poor quality of yesteryear’s wet food has been replaced with better ingredients and improved preparation methods elevating the quality of canned products to, or exceeding, that of the best dry formulas. Plus it helps with hydration.