At Chama's the foods we sell were chosen with the health and happiness of the dogs in mind.  We all want our canine partners to live a long, enjoyable life and that is why Chama's carries the foods it does.  The primary deciding factor on which foods Chama's would stock was inclusion of the 2009 Whole Dog Journal's list of recommended dog foods.  Our mission is to provide our customers with the information and assistance they need to make an educated choice on which brands suit their dog's needs best.  We do not lecture, coerce or try to steer anyone to a specific food just for the sake of a sale.  Our aim is to point dog caregivers down a path leading to a better quality of life for their dogs.

The multiple conflicting claims of superiority from each food manufacturer and the mountain of personal opinions, often unsubstantiated, floating around the internet can be confusing and intimidating.  You can be assured that any formula chosen from our selection will provide your dog with a nutritious, balanced, healthy diet.  Each brand and formula has it's specific attributes but all will contribute to the overall health of your dog.  We also stock a variety of supplements to fine-tune the diets of individual dogs.

Veterinarians say that up to 40%, or more, of the problems their canine patients experience are food quality or food allergy related.  Keep this in mind when embarking on the search for the food best suited to your dog's system, activity level and living conditions.  Be realistic in assessing the needs of the animal you share your life with.  The nutritional requirements of a working ranch dog, service dog or couch-loving hound may vary significantly.  It may take some time and effort to discover the ideal diet for your dog but it will be worth it!

Our foods include:

  - standard kibble and canned food made with all natural ingredients
  - dehydrated raw food
  - freeze-dried raw
  - freeze-dried bio-coated kibble
  - limited ingredient/allergy food
  - grain free
  - holistic
  - organic
  - tripe
  - frozen raw

We are always open to and searching for other high-quality formulas to add to our inventory and welcome your comments and suggestions.  We are happy to special order a food for you if we can.

Use our free Curbside Express service and we will meet you outside as you pull up and load your purchase into your car for you.  You never have to park or leave your vehicle.  Call 619.296.6200 for details.