Chama’s walking gear collection consists of functional, performance related products from the top gear manufacturers.  To view photos and read extended descriptions of our products click the "shop now" button at upper-right.

Ruff Wear - outdoor, performance gear for active dogs. 

Backpacks with removable saddlebags and water bottles built in. 

Harnesses for daily use and special circumstances requiring added support

Leashes with caribiners, climbing rope, expandable up to 11', hands-free use and secure Talon attachments

Floatation vests

Cooling vests


Pulling systems

Jackets, beacon lights and collars

EzyDog -  Our most popular line of walking gear.  Unique design and functionality provides the handler with improved control, critical in urban environments or on the trail. The originator of the "bungee" leash, EzyDog provides safety and control for most aggressive pullers with comfort for the walker. The Cujo has a Pyramid Pull System Handle and the lead has 6” to 12” of built-in shock absorbing stretch. Other EZY models have soft neoprene handles, swivel clips, lead customization and multiple dog walking capabilities. Chama’s customers have praised the ease and control afforded by EZY Dog products.  EzyDog's line includes:

Chestplate harnesses with automobile seatbelt attachment

The Quick Fit harness - by far our most popular harness.  Easy to put on and comfortable for the wearer

Summit Backpack

The Double Up collar provides two D-rings for strength and relieves pressure on the buckle

The Convert Harness has a unique fit and can be customized with patches and removeable saddlebags (coming soon)

OllyDog - Mt. Tam hands-free leash system with hipbelt and pouch

Other brands include: Flying Dog Collars 
Walk-e-Woo        Bison Designs        Lupine       Puppia        Scrappy Pets      Upcountry
Easy-Walk       Halti          Gentle Leader          Dublin Dog