Walk - Dog Gear

Chama’s walking gear collection consists of functional, performance related products from the top gear manufacturers.  To view photos and read extended descriptions of our products click the "shop now" button.

Some of the brands we carry are:

Ruff Wear - outdoor performance gear for active dogs. 

Backpacks with removable saddlebags and water bottles built in. Harnesses for daily use and special circumstances requiring added support.  Leashes with caribiners, climbing rope, expandable up to 11', or hands-free use.

EzyDog - The originator of the "bungee" leash, EzyDog provides safety and control for most aggressive pullers with comfort for the walker. The Cujo has a Pyramid Pull System Handle and the lead has 6” to 12” of built-in shock absorbing stretch. Other models have soft neoprene handles, swivel clips, and multiple dog walking capabilities.

OllyDog - Mt. Tam hands-free leash system with hipbelt and pouch

Mountain Dog -  Climbing rope leads with Lifetime Guaratee!


ON SALE - All  WolfPack Backpacks (sale prices shown) 

Dog Backpacks for casual walks or multi-day treks. Packs vary widely in quality, design and durability so we have limited the selection to the best of the pack. Our packs are made by Ruffwear and EzyDog, experts in outdoor performance equipment and WolfPacks which are made in the USA.

Cheaper dog packs are available but not by Animal Grace.  Ours are built to withstand their intended applications and to last for years.  These backpacks are designed with the heath and comfort of the dog in mind. Lesser packs with poor design can place unsafe pressure on a dog's back unlike ours which disperse the load ergonomically using a dog's shoulder area as the load-bearing section. 

Specialty features of our dog packs include:

  • Large dog backpacks with girth measurements up to 55” 
  • Packs with removable saddlebags that can detach from a multi-purpose foundation harness
  • Large cargo and multiple pockets
  • Designed for the canine anatomy
  • Quick-release mechanisms
  • Water and rip resistant fabrics

Dog Coats

Fleece lined - Element Coat (EzyDog) and in clear,cold conditions - Climate Changer (Ruffwear)

For a full-on winter coat - the insulated Quinzee (Ruffwear)

Rain, snow and wind protection - waterproof dog jackets with waterproof shells - Element Coat (EzyDog) Cloud Chaser (Ruffwear) - Sun Shower (Ruffwear)

Large dog warn coats - EzyDog Element Coat with a 32” back, and the K-9 Overcoat (Ruffwear)

A safety vest is critical during hunting season or night walks in town.  Track Jacket (Ruffwear), Body Guard (Sylmar)

Our dog hunting vest, the Body Guard (Slymar), provides excellent lower body abrasion protection

Cooling vest for heat relief – Swamp Cooler (Ruffwear)


Many people assume a dog's paws are tough enough to withstand most any surface. However, the truth is that, like us, the canine body acclimates to its day-to-day environment.  So, if a dog generally lives indoors with daily walks on smooth sidewalks and you take him on a 9-mile hike on a rough trail, paw damage may occur.  We’ve heard many stories of dogs needing to be carried back down the trail due to paw injuries.  If this happens on vacation or in a remote area, you have a problem on your hands.  Paw protection can save a trip from disaster.  The Ruffwear Grip Trex  Dog Boots are an all-terrain boot with a tough Vibram sole suitable for on or off-trail.

For an excellent winter snow boot, try the Polar Trex.

Urban travel can be problamatic as well with extremely summer streets and winter streets covered with salt or chemicals that can cause injury to a paw. The solution is the Summit Trex boot which is lighter weight and more flexible than the Grip Trex.  The Summit Trex works great on boats too.

Flotation Vests

Floatation devices or life vests are increasing in popularity as boaters realize the importance of dog floatation devices (PFD) for the safety of a dog.

We stock dog life preservers from D-fa, Ruffwear and EzyDog.  We believe these are the best dog life vests based on the quality workmanship and strength, especially in the handle.  Should the dog need to be rescued you don’t want a cheap life vest that may fail when you need it most. 

Small dog life jackets are made to fit dogs with as small as the 8” girth of the Micro-Doggy (EzyDog) or the 13” on the Float Coat (Ruffwear) 

For a large dog float we have the 42” Ruffwear or all the way to the 48” EzyDog

Dog Harness

Go-Pro Ready - Kurgo's harness accomodates a Go-Pro camera

Quick Fit -  for ease-of-use the EzyDog Quick Fit Dog Harness is best

Urban Trail - made in USA by Alpine Outfitters

Step-in - traditional style requiring insertion of each leg into it’s assigned section.  Excellent control.  (EzyDog, Ruffwear, Kurgo) 

Service Dog - Convert by EzyDog has Velcro patches for “Service Dog”, “In Training”, etc 

Sled Dog - available on special order at animalgracellc@gmail.com

Joring - pulling harness for people on skiis, bikes, skateboards...  Entire pulling system on the Omnijore by Ruffwear 

Padded - the Euro is a modified sled dog harness that is waterproof, padded and non-chaffing.  The Urban Trail Dog Harness (US made)

Big Dogs - 42 to 47 inch girth on select harnesses (Ruffwear, EzyDog) 

Car Harness -  seatbelt-ready harness, the EzyDog Chest Plate or the Kurgo

Dog Lift - with a handle to assist for a stronger lift (Ruffwear, EzyDog, Fusion)   Ruffwear’s DoubleBack strength-rated belay harness or the Virtua Full Body Mobility Harness


Martiengalingale  the EzyDog Checkmate or the Ruffwear Chain-Reaction  

Waterproof – Ruffwear Headwater collar or Auburn's Sparky  

Rope  Knot-a-collar from Ruffwear

Wide leather – Tuff Stuff from Auburn Leathercrafters – extra strong

Wide neoprene/nylon – Neo wide by EzyDog – great looking, dries fast

Heavy Duty – Big Dog (double leather layers) from Auburn and Double Up collar (thick nylon with two d-rings) from EzyDog

Leather – Rolled and Handmade collars from Auburn

Stylish – the Hopie collar by Ruffwear, Star leather collar from Auburn and their rolled leather collars in colors

Functional – Hunting dog collar by Auburn


The dog leash has been transformed from a simple restraining device to a multi-purpose tool to enhance the walking experience and be used for running, biking or hiking with a dog.

Double Leash  a single leash with extenders or couplers to accomodate two dogs (EzyDog, D-FA, Mutt Gear)

Short Leash –  12”, 24” or 48” (EzyDog, Mutt Gear, Mountain Dog, D-fa)

Hands Free Leash  with belt/pouch (OllyDog) or convertible to being waist-worn (Ruffwear, EzyDog)

Leather Leash  with or without adornments (Auburn Leathercrafters)

Variable Size Leash  reconfigured into various lengths (Ruffwear, EzyDog, D-FA)

Stretch Leash  bungee-style expandable leads (EzyDog, D-FA, Ruffwear, OllyDog)

Rope Leash  leashes constructed from climbing rope (Mountain Dog - re-purposed rope) (Ruffwear)

Slip Lead Leash  can be used without a collar (Ruffwear)

Traffic Lead Leash  2nd handle just above collar attachment (Ruffwear, OllyDog, EzyDog)

Cycleash  go bikiing with your dog


Safety Products

Safety car harness, life vests, seat belt restraints, collar lights, bear bells, underbody protection and cooling vests.